Difference between Brazilian JUIJITSU and MIXED MARTIAL ARTS en Mixed martial arts

(BJJ) is a ground combat sport in which the goal is to bring the opponent to the ground as quickly as possible and then let him "tapp" by using various techniques.

(MMA) is simply a combination of different fighting skills that can be used to take out an opponent. Combining BJJ, Kickboxing, Judo etc. into one game.

In BJJ the ultimate objective is to control your opponent and force them to surrender. We do this through an almost inexhaustible variety of positions and submissions (attacks by means of strangulation, leg, arm and joint clamps). In match form (BJJ, grappling, MMA) and during training sessions, the match or sparring session is won by the person who first taps the other person or by scoring points showing a degree of dominance in the fight.

Mental sport

In the end the sport is less intense then it looks, no way out = tap and end of the game. Sportsmanship and trust are essential in your training partners. The tap and the lack of punches and kicks makes BJJ one of the few martial arts where 100% intensity can be spared without physical consequences (something that is virtually impossible in kickboxing).

In our opinion, the tap and 100% sparring provide some very important mental aspects that are developed when practicing BJJ. For example, the EGO is kept nicely in hand. You can't pretend to be better than you are. Every rolling session (sparring) at the end of a training lets you know in detail where your skills and mental attitude are. You are confronted with yourself every training session and literally forced to look at your own place objectively. Talk doesn't work on the mat, but performance does.