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Group Training Kickboxing

The group lessons of SB Gym are there to inspire you, to challenge you and to bring out the best in yourself. Personal attention is central at SB Gym. Our trainers have years of experience and an excellent reputation.

With various training sessions per week, we help you to put together a complete fitness program so that you can achieve your goals. We offer lessons in three categories: punch bag training, technique and sparring. Core stability and flexibility is an important topic in every group lesson.

But why has this sport become so popular in recent years? Kickboxing is basically a sport that consists of physical contact, but does not necessarily have to be used in its aggressive form in which sparring and beating the opponent are central. You see more and more (kickboxing) gyms that make a distinction between getting ready for physical competitions and gyms that mainly offer the lessons to practice the technique in order to get fit.

Kickboxing lessons are one of the most intensive forms of training. It is a full body workout in which the muscles are constantly tightened. In addition to improving your footwork and coordination, the muscles also improve your stamina. The well-known fitness exercises such as jumping rope are alternated with specific exercises to improve the technique, something that is certainly important for people who have no experience with the sport, because a wrong technique is quickly learned. Results are visible relatively quickly.

What also makes it fun is that kickboxing lessons are usually offered in groups, so you can also do it together with your mates, something that works as an incentive for most. So if you have secretly had a beer belly from your holiday and you haven't gotten rid of it yet, try a kickboxing class at SB Gym.

Personal attention is key with us! Our training and group lessons are for all ages and for all levels.