Kickboxing combined with power and endurance training is a popular and effective way to get fitter. Personal Training at SB Gym is challenging and result-oriented. You work one-on-one with a trainer on your goals. The training courses are specifically tailored for you.

Here we convert good intentions into sustainable habits. Together we make fitness and healthy lifestyle part of your daily life. The training courses are suitable for everyone and the risk of injuries is nil.


SB Gym offers coaching in (kick) boxing for everyone, young and old!
If you have never boxed or kickboxed before, that's no problem. Together with trainer Said el Badaoui you will work 1-on-1 in a quiet environment. It is important to learn and master the basics well, so that you can build on it.

Experienced fighters are also welcome to improve their techniques and fitness. If you want to purchase personal training due to a competition preparation, this is possible in consultation.

The costs for Personal Training are on request and depend on which trainer is used, the duration, intensity, level and follow-up training. Send an Email to [email protected] [email protected]