Experience Dutch Kickboxing


I’m Haytam from Toulouse, France, I’ve been thinking about coming in the Netherlands since a long time, because I know the level of kickboxing here is quiet high.

So after I finished my studies at the University and after a great experience with the French national kickboxing team in 2018 and 2019, I’ve decided to start the adventure.

I was following many gyms on social media and so, I noticed immediately that the technical level here was really super high. Also I want to point out I had a good feeling / vibes, I just can’t explain what it is,  it’s just my intuition.

My choice for SB Gym is because of the training experience of Said and his team and also because I like to train in a ‘small’ gym, where personal contact and adivices are key.

So I came to Utrecht and started to train few weeks at SB Gym to see how it goes. I had a very warm welcome. I love the atmosphere, super open, everybody is motivated and trying to rise each other up. I felt the humility and respect and was so glad to train with champions like Ilias Bulaid, Iliass Ennahachi and many more. I can’t wait to fight for my new Gym and I’m really excited about that.

In the meantime I found a job and decided to stay and live here and I also started to learn Dutch. Men that is super hard.  I like the city of Utrecht, it’s calm, pretty and I really enjoy cycling.

Now let’s work hard and let’s see what will happen next !

Thanks, Haytam.